Trondheim Table Tennis Club in cooperation with the Norwegian Table Tennis organisation will host two qualification-matches for the 2019 European Championships on Tuesday May 22nd 2018.

Norway has two young- and exciting national teams that are working hard to qualify for the European Championships in Nantes, France in september 2019.

The norwegian mens team is in the same group as Italy, Kosovo and Israel, while the womens team is in the same group as England and Greece.

Live Stream

Both matches will be streamed live from 18:00 on May 22nd

Womens match; Norway – Greece

Time: 18:00, tuesday May 22nd 2018
Place: Lade Sportsarena, Trondheim
Referees: Torstein Rønningen, Marianne Troppen Hornnes

Norway Greece
Ilka Doval
Rebekka Carlsen
Maja Gjelle
Rikke Skåttet

Jaroslav Lowicki
Georgia Zavitsanou
Aikaterini Toliou
Konstantina Paridi

Konstantinos Kostopoulos

Mens match, Norway – Israel

Time: 18:00, tuesday May 22nd 2018
Place: Lade Sportsarena
Referees: Karl Børre Reite, Erik Bergerseter

Norway Israel
Eskil Lindholm
Markus Wærstad
Borgar Haug

Maciej Pietkiewicz
Omri Ben Ari
Mathan Simon
Michael Tauber

Isaak Abramov

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Date May 22nd 2018
Place Lade Sportsarena, Trondheim (map)
Tickets Free
Time 18:00 – 21:00
Womens match Norway – Greece
Mens match Norway – Israel
Main referee Benny Sandmo, SWE